Thursday, June 14, 2012

2012 Lombardi Golf Classic

Great day, met some great people and supported an awesome cause.

A seriously awesome day! All the people were great and the money went to an extremely worthy cause.

The Kurt Busch Saga

I will try to make this quick, if that is possible when talking about Kurt Busch. For a guy with so much talent, it's too bad he has nothing between his ears for common sense. Roger Penske let him go because of his attitude, you would think losing your ride at a major team would wise you up. How wrong was everyone on that one? So James Finch gives him a ride and seemingly has Kurt back to just racing, then good ole' Kurt opens his mouth. It is no wonder Jack in the Hat and Penske passed on this guy. He is a complete and utter head case. I do hope he doesn't follow in the footsteps of Jeremy Mayfield can only hope.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Howie Lettow Memorial 150

I have to say I was really excited to attend a race at the Milwaukee Mile again. It has been too long since I was able to watch a race so close to home. A big thank you to the ASA Midwest Tour for bringing in all the NASCAR stars and numerous up and coming drivers. To get names like, Rusty Wallace, Matt Kenseth, David Ragan and the host of others is great for the younger drivers and a learning experience to say the least.

The race itself was good, but a few things did stick out to me. The lack of light on the track made it hard at times to keep track of the cars, especially in the darker areas. The lack of computerized scoring made it difficult to follow the action, whether it be knowing who was in what position or how many laps had been run. Overall any race is a great time, those are just a few things that would have really sent this thing through the roof.

I felt the crowd really came out in force for the event, which is good to see. No if the State Fair Board could get things figured out and let people who know racing run the Milwaukee Mile, maybe we could have some bigger races again.

Next weekend will be here quick, which means Nationwide Series racing at Road America!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Moving along

Things will be changing around here....