Friday, July 15, 2011

MLB, souvenir balls and the fans

This article struck a cord with me personally. When I was younger, probably 10 or 12, I was at a Milwaukee Brewer game and had a foul ball hit toward me. As I reached for it and it hit my hands, a older man pushed me and snagged the ball from me, proudly holding it up after pushing a child to get it.

The other day I wrote about Christian Lopez and his returning the baseball to Derek Jeter for his 3000th hit. I thought it was a great gesture, some people seemed to disagree. I found another article supporting Mr. Lopez today. In the article it also mentions a fan from my hometown in Milwaukee who held a ball hostage for Chris Coghlan's first home run, stating he wanted "to get a slice". While I understand somewhat that they are millionares and have a life the majority of us will never know, but they are people as well.

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