Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jeter, Lopez and a mistake?

I really disagree with this reporter. How is someone a schmuck for giving a ball back to someone for such a rare and amazing accomplishment? I think the schmuck is the one doing the name calling. I have a wife, a child, another child coming and bills to pay, but I still would have done the same thing Lopez did.

Jeff Edelstein obviously has something against Derek Jeter and the history of the game. While I agree Jeter perhaps could make a donation to his foundation or another charity, it still doesn't make Christian Lopez a schmuck. He obviously felt getting the luxury seats, meeting Derek Jeter and getting autographed sports memorabilia was worth more to him.

Something is only worth what someone will pay or wants in return, so don't be mad at Christian Lopez for getting what HE wanted.

Jeter, Lopez and a mistake?

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